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To manage users in your account and set user permissions, click on ACCOUNT SETTINGS in the top right-hand corner of your dashboard web page and then click the white USERS tab in the vertical blue bar on the left.

Account Owner: The "Account Owner" can add multiple Account Users to manage or edit your website. Typically, there may be one Account Owner to manage the account and other users who have permission to edit the page content of the website. The Account Owner has all permissions always and cannot disable permissions for themselves.

These are 4 Permissions Options:

1. Manage users and their permissions

2. View and modify billing details

3. Manage account and website services

4. Edit website content


Managing Users and their Permissions:

Adding a New User:  The Account Owner can add a new user by clicking on the "Invite a User" button and selecting the permissions for that User. An email invitation will be sent to that User. After the invitation has been accepted, you'll find that User on the account. 

Removing a User:  The Account Owner, or any User with permission to manage users, can delete a User by clicking on the red X to the left of the User's name on the list of users.

Changing the permissions of a User:  The Account Owner or User with permission to manage users can change another User's permissions by clicking on the check boxes to the right of the User's name.

View and Modify Billing Details:

A User with this permission enabled can view and modify billing details on the account.

Manage Account and Website Services:

A User with this permission enabled can edit account details, email accounts, and DNS settings. 
- This permission affects all websites in the account. 

Edit Website Content:

A User with this permission enabled can edit website content. 
 - This permission affects all websites in the account. 


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