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To manage billing details in your account  click on ACCOUNT SETTINGS in the top right-hand corner of your dashboard web page and then click the white BILLING DETAILS tab in the vertical blue bar on the left.

Here you'll be able to see the account billing history and when the next bill is scheduled. You'll also be able to update the credit card on file.

All subscription plans are billed in advance. According to the plan selected, subscriptions are renewed automatically by the credit card on file. Monthly subscriptions require online payment. We accept checks as payment for annual subscriptions only. Your subscription begins after funds clear your bank account. (all subscribers must have a credit/debit card on file, even those paying by check)

For example: If you started your monthly subscription October 10th, your credit card will be billed that day. It will automatically be billed on the 10th of every month.


Changing your subscription plan:

To change your subscription, click on "change". There are 2 billing plan options:

Monthly Plan - automatic monthly billing.

          Annual Plan - automatic billing annually  [ 15% discount off regular pricing ]

NOTE: Changes to your billing plan subscription will take effect on your next billing cycle.  For more info on pricing click here.

EXAMPLE - If you are a monthly subscriber and change the plan to annual, this change will not take effect until the end of the current billing month. If you are an annual subscriber and want to change the plan to monthly, this will take effect at the end of the annual period (which has already been paid for). 


Updating your credit card on file:

On the BILLING DETAILS page, click the "Update or Change Card" button.

NOTE - When your credit card on file is due to expire we'll send an email notifying you to re-enter your credit card details prior to your next billing cycle due date.


Adding or Removing Services in your Account:

Monthly Subscribers: When you add additional websites or emails the charges will be pro-rated and added to your next bill.

Annual Subscribers: When you add additional websites or emails the charges will be pro-rated (for the remainder of the billing term) and billed immediately.

EXAMPLE #1 - If you are an annual subscriber and at month 9 of your billing term you add an additional website, you will be billed immediately for this additional website for the remainder of your billing term - 3 months.

EXAMPLE #2 - If you remove a website or email account from your account prior to then end of your subscription term, a pro-rated refund will apply to the bill for your next subscription renewal.


Canceling your Subscription:

On the BILLING DETAILS page, click the "Change" link to the right of your subscription plan. Then click the link to cancel your subscription. Select a reason for canceling, then click the red "Cancel My Subscription Button"

Monthly subscribers will not receive a refund upon cancellation. Annual subscribers will receive a pro-rated refund to their credit card on file for the remaining duration of the subscription plan. Email confirmation will be sent along with a refund receipt, if applicable.

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