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To edit the global website settings for all pages on your website, click on the EDIT WEBSITE tab. Then click the TOOLS drop down menu and choose SITE SETTINGS. A dialogue box will appears with elements you can modify. 

Note: Your changes will be saved once you switch to another tab or click DONE.

Site Setting Options:

Header Content - Allows you to change your Website Title, Tagline, Additional Content, and Logo that appears on your website. Each theme places these elements in unique locations on the website. 

- Additional Content: Currently this is most useful for a phone number or brief content. Future product revisions will enable stylized and HTML text options. 

- Logo: When adding a corporate logo, you'll likely want to delete the Website Title and Tagline. If you'd like your logo to be transparent, submit a support request ticket with your logo attached and our web designers will upload it for you.

- Header Design: The advanced Custom CSS feature in Site Designs allows you to add custom CSS Style declarations to your website header. If you are familiar with CSS, you can customize the header design exactly how you want it to look.

Google - Enter your Google Analytics account number for tracking visitors to your website. See Google Analytics for more info. 

Redirects - Allows you to redirect another URL to this website.

When you are finished editing your Site Settings, click the DONE button to resume editing your website. 


Customizing the Website Header:

The site design settings will apply to your website if you switch to another design theme, however different themes may use this information in unique ways. Adding a logo to the header may require some custom design alterations for it to look right. Maximum recommended logo size is: 80px tall, 500px wide. The website header is fully customizable via Custom CSS. If you need assistance with this, please submit a support request ticket. 

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