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SITE DESIGN settings affect the overall look of your entire website. There are enough options available for you to create a unique design all your own. To edit the theme, layout, and color scheme of your website, click on the EDIT WEBSITE tab. Then click the TOOLS drop down menu and choose SITE DESIGN.

At the top of the page you'll find the following design elements which you can modify. As you change your design settings, a preview of your website design appears in the space below. 


Site Design Options:

Theme - To change your website design theme, select a theme from the drop-down menu.

Theme Variables - Allows you to alter the look and feel of the theme you've selected via fonts, font colors and sizes. Each theme has a unique set of variables that are editable.

- Font Sizing: Small, Medium, and Large will affect font size across all text content of the website.

- Font Options:  Various fonts choices are available. A visual representation of these fonts can be found below.

- Background Pattern: Changing the background image requires some understanding of how background images behave on a website. You'll need to upload an image for the background. By default the themes will expect a repeating image that matches up on the top & bottom and left & right. This way, when these images are tiled they appear as just one continuous image. Alternatively, you can use just one image, but you'll need to use Custom CSS to center the image and make sure that it doesn't move (stays fixed in place) when you scroll to the bottom of the page. This way just the content scrolls, not the image.

- Banner Image: This is the image that is on the right side of the website header. You can upload a new image, however at this time you will not be able to resize the image yourself. If you need assistance with this you can send us the image you want in the header and we'll upload it for you.

Layout - Options for navigation headings and columns for that particular theme.

Color Scheme - Options for changing the main color scheme of your website. 

Advance Design Settings - The advanced Custom CSS feature allows you to add custom CSS Style declarations to your website. CSS stands for "Cascading Style Sheets", and you can use it to completely change the look of your website. If you are familiar with CSS, you can customize the design of your website such as:

        • Change the width of your website
        • Change the height and background images of your header
        • Remove the header or footer entirely
        • Remove the background images or colors
        • Change the color of your navigation or change fonts that you can't already change via the theme variables
        • Alter your navigation text to fit properly on one line at the top of your page

The possiblities are endless for someone who knows CSS.

When you are finished editing your website design, click the blue RETURN TO EDITOR button to resume editing your website. 


Custom Site Design:

If you already have a custom website design and would like to use our platform, it is possible to do this. Because the design was not created by our system, however, you won't be able to use our Site Design tools to edit your design. Please contact our Customer Support Team for more information about this.


Theme Font Options:

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