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Contact Form Submissions

The contact email is the email address where form submission inquiries are sent to. The default contact email is the account owners email address. To change this email, the account owner will need to log in and go to SETTINGS > YOUR USER PROFILE and change the email address.

If you entered a different contact email address in the Website Setup Wizard, then the form submissions will be sent to that email instead. To change the email that form submissions go to, click EDIT WEBSITE, then click on the form (it will highlight in pink). Click EDIT to bring up the MODIFY CONTACT FORM box. You can edit the email as well as the form labels.


Contact Email in the Footer

To modify the contact email that shows up in the footer, click EDIT WEBSITE, then click on the footer. Click EDIT and from there you can manually modify the email. Note: The footer is a shared location details column by default, so any edits on one page will be shared across all other pages.

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