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Cloning pages is helpful when you want to create new pages that are very similar in content and style. Cloning saves time.

To create a new page that is a replica of an existing page, click EDIT WEBSITE. Then click the TOOLS drop down menu and choose CLONE THIS PAGE. The "Clone This Page" dialogue box will appear. You'll see that the Page Name field is blank and all SEO Attributes are auto-populated from the original page. Choose the name for this new page. The URL Path for the page will be auto-populated. For information about how to apply SEO best practices to page names, click here.

The default setting is to include cloned pages in the Main Navigation on the website.

NOTE: This is editable on each page by checking/unchecking the Include in Navigation boxes.


Editing the SEO Attributes on a Cloned Page:

The Key Words, SEO Title, and Synopsis are pre-populated from the original page and may be edited.  We recommend using a format similar to the pre-written area-of-practice pages that were created for you. 


Key Words: These are relevant words and phrases from the content of this page that you want this page to rank for. For suggestions on how to pick these, click here.

SEO Title: Also known as the "Page Title Tag", the SEO Title is the single most important aspect of SEO for this page. Include the Key Words you want this page to rank for as well as your location [City,ST]. For suggestions on how to write this, click here.

Synopsis: Also known as the "page description", the Synopsis is a 160-character summary that informs a web surfer what this page is about. It's a good idea to include your keywords and location. For suggestions on how to write this, click here.

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