Creating New Pages

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You can create as many pages as you would like for your website.

There are two options for creating a new page.

The first, Cloning a page, creates a copy of another page. It will include the content in the footer and sidebar (if you have chosen to include one in your theme), as well as the main contents of the page you are cloning. This helps reduce the effort of building the new page by adding all the common elements that your pages share. More on Cloning Pages

The second option is to create an empty page. If you want a page that doesn't share the common elements of another page, this is the option to choose. In the editor, Select "New Page..." from the "Tools" drop down menu. The "Create New Page" dialogue box will appear and all fields will be blank.

  • Choose a name for this new page. Tip: Read about SEO best practices when choosing page names
  • The URL Path for the page will be auto-populated by the page name you type in, but it can be changed to your liking.
  • Check the Include in Navigation? boxes to quickly add this new page to the respective navigation menus. (You can always edit those navigation menus later if you want to add or remove this page from them.)
  • Optional: Choose the keywords, synopsis and page title for the page
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