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Adding an Image to a page:

When you insert an image into an editable text column, that image will be placed in relation to where your cursor is. If you want your image to be at the top of your content, you’ll need to add the image at the beginning of the content. Likewise, if you want the image at the bottom, add the image after your existing content.

Place your cursor where you want the image to be inserted and click the image icon button. This will bring up your image browser where you can select an image or upload a new image. All of the images in your image browser are available to use in any of the websites in your account.

Deleting an Image:

First click inside the section column that the image is in, then select the image, and press the "delete" key on your keyboard.

Editing an Image:

Alignment: Select from the 5 alignment options – left, middle, right, and text-wrap left or right.

Size: You can edit the size of the image in the column by moving the image handles on the corners and sides of the image. The image will be cropped to fit the shape of the rectangle you define when resizing. TIP- By holding down the shift-key while moving a corner handle, it will maintain the height-width ratio of the image.

Zoom and Crop: You can click and drag the image to adjust how it is cropped.  You can also drag the zoom slider to zoom in or out of the image. You will be able to zoom in only to the full resolution of the image; This prevents the image from looking jagged or blurry. If you’ve zoomed in and then want to resize the image larger, the image will automatically stay zoomed in as you do so. You will be able to zoom out only until the original image fits within the size of the image frame you have created.

Current limitations in the Image Editor:

1. If an image is at the top of a section, you won’t be able click above the image to add text. If the image is at the bottom, you won’t be able to add text below it. The way around this is to delete the image from the section and then re-insert it where you want it to be.

2. At this time it's not possible to manually move the image around on the page. Images cannot be directly copied and pasted on the page. 

Image Collections:

The image browser contains a collection of default images, which you can add your own to. You can also create additional image collections if you'd like to organize them further. The green circles on each image show how many times that image has been used on any of the websites in your account.

If you’d like to acquire professional stock photos for your website, we recommend iStockphoto. They have a large selection to choose from and are reasonably priced.

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