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Editable Areas

By clicking on the EDIT WEBSITE tab, you'll see on any given page thick blue borders representing areas of your page that you can edit content. Every page begins with up to 4 editable areas. Each area is editable in the same ways (In other words, each area is not limited in the ways it can be edited).

Within each of these editable areas, you can have as many Sections as you want. Within each section, you can have up to 4 columns. You can manipulate the sections and columns by using the drop-down menus at the upper left corner of the editable area, section, or column. If your curser hovers over an editable area these drop-down menus will appear.


Clicking on the menu for sections allows you to delete the section or add a new section above or below the section you are in. Adding a new section will generate a thin editable area denoted by “Placeholder text”. This area will highlight as you scroll over it.

Generally, the reason to add a section above or below the main content section of your web page would be to create a different column type or a section with multiple columns.


Each section is created as a single column. Using the column drop down menu, you can add columns to the left and right, delete columns and share/unshare columns. You can also change the column type:

Editable Text  (This is the default column type)

Custom Navigation

Contact Form

Location Details

Location Map

Custom HTML

Shared Column


Here are some common ways to edit a web page:

Adding an image - to an editable text column

Adding a video - to a Custom HTML column

Adding Social Media buttons, links, and HTML Graphics - to a Custom HTML column

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