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Location Map Column Type

Adding a Location Map column type will insert a map into that column. Click on the map and click EDIT. You’ll be able to edit this map or create a new location map the same way you edit the map that appears on your contact page.

You can:

    • edit your location
    • add a new location
Then click SAVE. Your map will now display your new address.
Another place which is popular for a map is in a sidebar. If you do this be sure to create your location map column as a shared column which you can then add to all pages.
Adding Multiple Maps
To add another map of a different address, add a new section and select the LOCATION MAP COLUMN TYPE, then repeat the steps above.
To have multiple maps be side-by-side you can click on the first map, then ADD A COLUMN to the right or left and select  LOCATION MAP COLUMN TYPE and choose the appropriate location.
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