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Shared Columns

Shared Columns are useful when you want to have identical content on multiple pages of your site. Typically, forms, graphics and contact info make appropriate shared columns. Sidebars are optimal locations for shared columns, but you are not limited in their location or content.

NOTE: Updating the content of a shared column on one page will affect all other pages where this column is shared.


Creating Shared Columns: Click on a column and select  SHARE THIS COLUMN from the column drop down menu. You’ll be prompted to name this new shared column. Shared Columns when clicked on, appear highlighted in pink.

Adding a Shared Column on another page: Add a new section. Click COLUMN TYPE > SHARED COLUMN. Choose from the list of shared columns in the drop down menu, then click the “Use This Shared Column” button. Newly created shared columns must be manually added to other pages. If you want a shared column for all pages we recommend that you select a website layout with a sidebar. Sidebars are created with one shared column across all pages as a default.

Creating New Pages with Shared Columns: The website footers sections, by default, are shared columns. If you create a new page and want it to have shared footer content, you would click on the top footer section, click the Column drop-down menu > COLUMN TYPE > SHARED COLUMN and then select “Footer – Custom Navigation” from the list of shared columns. For the bottom footer section, you would follow the same steps and select “Location Details” from the list of shared columns.


NOTE: New pages will not contain any shared columns. These columns must be added manually. 

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