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Editable Text Column Type is the default Column Type when creating a new column.

When you are editing an “Editable Text” Column, you can click into it and type just as you would in most word processors and text editors. You can highlight text and make it bold or italic, and you can format each paragraph using the editing icons along the top of the editor window.

Unlike most word processors, you can’t select the text and change the font, color, or size of the text directly in the editor. Those are features that are controlled via the theme that you choose. You have the ability to change how your text looks across your website by editing the theme variables. This is a feature that allows you to maintain a consistent design throughout your entire website.

In each paragraph, you can also use the drop down menu that appears to the left to change the style of that whole paragraph. The heading options in this drop down menu will be different, depending on the theme you choose.


Preformatted text

Preformatted text gives you an area of text that is a mono-spaced. All letters, numbers or symbols will be the same width, thus they will line up perfectly. This enables a table to be created within a text paragraph.

A unique feature for Preformatted paragraphs:

    • Clicking the return key while in a preformatted paragraph will retain the preformatted style on the next line.
    • The return key in other paragraph styles will create a new paragraph of normal text. To retain the formatting of other styles, hold down the shift key while clicking the return key. Shift-Return is especially important while editing the Note style of paragraph. 
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