Step 1 - Customize your Design

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After you click the blue "Open Website Setup Wizard" button, you'll be at Step 1 of the Wizard - Customize your design. At the top of the page there are design elements for you to choose from:

Theme: Select from the drop down list of themes to select a starting place for the design of your website. A preview of a sample website will appear below.

Layout: The default layout will appear until you select another option. Click the "Change" button and you'll see several options for the layout of your site. The sample website below will show you how your website will look in that layout.

Color Scheme: The color scheme affects the main elements of your website. Click the "Change" button to preview and select a color scheme.

Advanced: Click the "Info" button. You can make many more changes to the design of your site after completing this wizard. For example:

• Use your own image in the header
• Choose a different background
• Change the fonts, colors and sizes of text
• Add your company logo
• And more...

When you are done exploring your design options click the "Next" button to move on. Don't worry if it's not yet perfect! You can edit the design of your page at anytime from your website editor.

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