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Configuring your Domain:

If you select the option that says you already own your own domain, then you need to set up your own DNS at the registrar where you purchased the domain.

After logging into your account at that registrar, you'll need to setup two A records: one that points to your main domain (e.g. and a second A record that points to the subdomain (e.g. www​



Configuring your Email:

If you plan to use our email service you'll need to setup the following three additional DNS records:

MX records: - Priority 10 - - Priority 20 -

TXT 'SPF' Record:
v=spf1 ip4: ~all


Instructions for configuring domains to most popular domain name registrars:


1) After logging into your GoDaddy account, click on "My Account" at the top left of the page.

2) Expand the "DOMAINS" section by clicking the small plus icon at its left

3) Click the small green "Launch" button to the far right of your domain name.

4) Near the bottom middle of the next screen is a heading titled "DNS Manager". Click the small "Launch" text link below that.

5) On the next page (You should see a title that says "Zone File Editor" at the top), you'll want to edit the "Points To" field for the "A (Host)" row labeled as an at-symbol (@). The new IP address to enter is

6) If you also want to use our email services, then edit the two "MX (Mail Exchanger)" rows as well. Edit them so that they look like the following: 
10 @ 
20 @

7) When you're done, click the black "Save Zone File" Button near ht top right of the page.

8) Log out; You should be all set.

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