Canceling your Subscription: Transferring your Domain Name

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Canceling your Subscription: Transferring your Domain Name

If you wish to cancel your subscription and keep your domain name, email our Customer Support Team with a request to transfer your domain to another registrar. If your domain name is hosted by us, we will transfer your domain to another hosting service at no additional cost.

* NOTE: If cancellation is within the first 30 days of service and you request a full refund you will be billed $10 (for each domain) for Domain Name Registration Fees that we incur. If you cancel your plan with us and you do not wish to keep your domain, it will go back into the open market within 60-90 days.

Domain Transfer Instructions:

Step 1 - Go to the registrar you plan to transfer to and initiate a transfer (literally add to cart and checkout). You likely won't get charged at the new registrar until the transfer is complete 1 week later.

Step 2 - The Domain owner will receive an email asking to authorize this transfer. Click or accept the request.

Step 3 - Sites for Law Firms will email you the "authorization code" needed to complete the transfer to the new registrar.

Step 4 - Enter the "authorization code" at the new registrar.

Step 5 - Wait 5-7 days and transfer will be complete.


Suspending Your Website:

It is possible to suspend your website so that it does not show up in search engines. Please contact our Customer Support Team if you need to do this.

Suspending your website and suspending payment requires cancellation. Cancelling will "disable" your website and then you can "reenable" your website in the future. If you need to disable your website, please contact our Customer Support Team.

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